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Most manly of man-things....

I've been clearing out our carriage house, but I have yet to figure out where the horses went. Today it's still called the carriage house but all we do is put stuff in it, because no car can get to it due to landscaping.   This is the my fourth time getting to re-know items that are in there, since my husband passed on 11 years ago.  It was our intention to turn the 'garage' into a great shop where he could do his woodwork, make his half models of his boats he designed for clients, and fix stuff.  It didn't happen.  First cleaning:  the big stuff, stashed in the rafters.   Those items were placed conveniently next door at the garage sale.  I said "Take it and the money you're getting for selling it!"   I didn't know, or care to know, how a band saw sawed or how a drill press pressed.  The only thing I knew was how my iron pressed.  That was enough for me.  Buh-bye band saw and drill press.   I put all Carl's office stuff