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Hey mom, I hit a truck, with a glider!

Back when small local airports had a airstrips along the San Francisco Bay, I worked at Sky Sailing Airport.  It was all about glider flying and we flew, when conditions were right, next to Mission Peak in Fremont but we were located off freeway 17 (now known as 880). When conditions weren't right, the fly-boys often got creative and that included me, one of the very few fly-gals that worked there (one of the gals before me, and we know each other, was Debbie Gary who is a world renown airshow aerobatic pilot). I started with nothing and ended up with a flight instructor rating for gliders and one for single engine land airplanes; a commercial certificate for airplanes, gliders, and multi-engine planes; and a instrument rating. Eventually, several of us ended up flying in Alaska for a company out of Chico, in DC 4's.  These are 4 engine beasts, slow and lumbering along, but great for hauling stuff.  We flew them in and out of  Kenai, Alaska during the salmon run in the s