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Life is like a box of chocolates... says the Tom Hanks' character, Forest Gump. But I think life is like.... a vacuum.  Not the kind you fall into and never get out of it.  I mean the item we shove around the floor and sucks up dirt.  It is not discriminating.  Everything, good and bad, goes in the bag. Back in the day, I took our first Hoover Vacuum, purchased at a garage sale for 5 bucks, over to the glider field.  None of the flyboys ever cleaned anything.  Our boss, Bud Murphy, arrived late one afternoon, as he usually did.  He watched me for a while and simply said, "Merlyn" (that's what he called me) "you don't have to do that.  Eventually, they'll all track it back out."   Genius.  Pure genius.  On that day, the vacuum gave up the ghost to dirt and pebbles it just couldn't swallow - all brought inside by the outsiders.  But today....everything is (supposed to be) transparent.  City government.  Federal government (if you believe it).  School Boards.  Contracts