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I'm advocating for the future....

I love the real estate agent's broker's tour in our town of Alameda.   Besides seeing property, it's often a good time to talk about issues in the town. This time we were talking about our two high schools.  There's a lot of work do be done on both of them: $10 million at Alameda High for seismic repairs; and S2.5 million at Encinal High just for the pools. I've now attended two school board meetings, facilitated by a professional, held for the specific purpose to have the community have their say about Alameda High School.  Many have wanted to see the building saved.  Some want to keep the high school.  Some want to save the Kofman Auditorium (it has been  sesimically strengthened). The Alameda Unified School District is completely separate from the law of our (is)land about not tearing down historical landmarks.  It is an option. I'm thinking about the future kids of this town, most of whom may not be born yet.  We've been told that we need to prov