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Let me reach out to you in a disruptive way.

Is it possible to be both 'disruptive' and to 'reach out'?  Maybe.  However, one seems so off-putting and the other so on-putting. I think I wear the 'disruptive' description  - sometimes.  It can give deliver an edginess, when a point has been well-considered. People who are known to be disruptive regularly tend to be looking up a lot, because they are often looked down upon. They don't have a good reason to disrupt - they just do it without thinking. Disruptive behavior often means messing it up without cleaning it up (but in my case I will be ready to clean, most anytime, anywhere). Used in the very 'today' language, being disruptive purposely, is more of a compliment than a detriment.  BUT one  needs to use it judiciously, not recklessly.  It means putting forth an idea but not acting like you're married to it, or even engaged to it, or even going steady with it. Being disruptive means staying with it until one changes one's mi