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Ch Ch Ch Changes.....

I've been trying to understand changes (not the diaper type).  More the life-style type. A friend reminded me this week ....change is the only constant.  It doesn't matter how old we are, what we do, how successful or poorly we do it.  Change is here to stay.  Forever. Change seems to come easy when one is younger.  What makes it so hard when we're not so young?  Is there comfort in routine?  The idea that we might have to think harder?  The thought that we may have to acknowledge that we don't know it all?  Would it be better to 'wait it out' by continuing to do something we aren't quite satisfied with? When we got married, Carl and I decided we would work at what we wanted.  We also were realistic enough to know that these jobs would also have challenges.   Carl knew what he wanted since he was eight years old.  He wanted to design boats.  He did beautiful work and the boats were winners when they raced and gorgeous at the docks.  He developed an ama