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The line forms here....or there.

Do you remember when Costco used to have item callers?  You know, the folks that remembered every item in the store and just went through the mega Costco baskets calling out the number so the cashier could put a price on it?  Did their mouths and their fingers fly?  Yes, they did. Then one all stopped.  Where were the callers?  They disappeared.  Hmm, I'm not sure I trust one person doing a two-person job, much less trust the scanner in the cashier's hand.  How will I know if it doesn't read properly? Everything is scanned.  Every item at every store. Even on my real estate signs I have a Quick Response Code so a smart phone can take a picture of it and go directly to real estate blog.   I had a 'moment', last week at the Nob Hill Foods store.  Ut-oh.  The checkout lines seem kind of long. I think I'll do the self-checkout.  I've done it lots of times.  Ah-ha!  A machine is open. Thinking I was doing some good (as in not using plas