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This week I was pleasantly surprised at how many emails I read and conversations I heard or had, that were so full of expressions of gratitude. So...let's put a few 'great' gratitudes down in writing.... C called me to move our two hour dinner chat until next week.  Her son J was coming through...and she wanted to see him (more than me?).  He is working as a flight attendant and loving it and was between hops.  It is a thrill to see how happy she is for him.  And her daughter is working for a college trip next winter to Europe.  Nicer kids would be hard to find. B is happy!  She is coming from Vancouver to stay with me, on a mission to rescue and find homes for some of her stuff that's been in storage for over two years!  But the best part?  She knows now that she is really good at digital lighting for movies (big blockbusters) and the movie dudes and dudettes are coming to her often and on her terms.  You go, girl! Mr. J is super-relieved!  He emailed me and a