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aha! moments...part I

Each of us has them.  Maybe numerous times.  The Aha moments.  I'm not sure how to spell is aHA?  How about A-HA?  Perhaps aha!  I'll go with the last one. I remember when I had one of my first aha! moments. I told myself  "Self, go over and interview for the flying job to deliver new planes!" Our predecessor pilots pretty much laid the path ahead of us.  They got jobs so maybe I could.  So I went to San Jose...the only chick I knew of, at that time, who wanted get hours in the air. I took my licenses, my log book, some guts, and went in.  They had some type of minimum number of hours...maybe it was 800-1000.  There was a lady there.  She was the only one I remember seeing.  I told her I had an appointment to meet someone about delivering planes. She took my stuff, looked it over and said, "Most of your time is in gliders."  "Yes, it is.  But you know, I need to make each landing work on the first time because I can't go around