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Sporting events...24 hours per day.

This is a sporting time of year for sports fanatics..either watching or participating. British Open Golf 2013.  Tour de France 2013.  America's Cup 2013.  Transpac Race 2013.   British Open Golf (except on the muni course) My son, Evan, showed up for a conference in San Franciso last Sunday and Monday.  He got here about 6pm on Saturday eve, via Southwest Airlines. The first thing we did....we played 9 holes at the muni golf course in Alameda.  Ev rented junk clubs but he's so positive and eager...he didn't even complain. Well, maybe just a little, after seeing he didn't have any wedges and did have two 6 irons in a very ugly bag. At that time of evening there aren't many folks out. Some play two balls, and that's what we did.  Two of us played one ball each.  Not good. But it was fun.  I have to remind myself to have fun. Today I got some invites to two charity golf tournaments.  One is high end and in the hills (more $$), and the other is local (l