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The day the music lived.

A moment in time....                 What triggers that instant?  What sets the mind into backwards motion?  Is it the music or is it the memory of what came with the music? The first time I saw the Beatles they were on The Ed Sullivan Show.  I remember being a bit frightened by my parents.  I watched them looking at 'them.'   They were shaking their heads 'oh no, no, no!'  I watched the TV and 'they' were shaking their hair-ful heads all over and singing "Yeah Yeah Yeah!" I was in sixth grade and this life-changing event (at least for me) heralded emotionally uncharted waters .  No older children before me, and lots of squirrel-y brothers after me.  I was alone in this room of rock, roll, and parents.  How was I supposed to act?  I watched from the back of the living room.  "She loves you.  Yeah yeah, yeah."  No big deal.  Just ride with it. I wanted to dance but I wasn't going to.  I wasn't even sure how to...and I wa