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Calm:airport style.

Recently, I discovered some things about traveling.  It is best very early in the morning and/or very late at night. The Oakland Airport is very quiet and calm early on a Sunday morning.  I mean really early.  Thank goodness for those who work the night shift. These are the people who (wo)man the airports. ~The terminals are immaculate. ~The restrooms are cleaned.  Every toilet is cleaned.  No toilet paper on the floor.  No paper towels on the counters. ~The restaurants are cleaned.  The carpets are vacuumed.  Trash cans are emptied, ready to receive the daily messes that people make, create, or just drop on the floor next to the receptacle. ~People are quiet and nice. Don't be bothering me with jokes, joviality, frivolity. At this time of early day I think that most of us are walking in our sleep and still functioning just fine. There is no shoving or pushing or kids screaming or parents looking for their kids inside the scanning machine. I organize my next move in th