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Come meet your new babysitter...

Back in the day. ..maybe a small kid had a dolly or a truck to drag around.  Now they have a phone and/or device to drag around. Today  they carefully hold a parent's cell phone or other device like a tablet, or small Kindle.  They completely block out everything except the itsy-bitsy screen! When I see the kids watching a regular TV, trying to swipe the screen to get the image to move off the face of it....I know I've been had.  The remote clicker for my flat screen (but not mobile), TV seems like an antique.  If they saw how I use the clicker they would certainly look at me like a moron from the moon. Yesterday, I was at at the golf range in the late afternoon.  One of the instructors had set balls in each of the slots to reserve a place for his adult students.  One gentleman brought his two very small kids to watch, not him practicing, but a device with a movie!  And he found he was able to take a golf lesson, totally focused, because his kids were totally focused on a