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What makes me happy?

Sometimes when you get the call you just have to act.  No, that is not nature calling.  This is an impulse, that's not physical.  It's 'a ya gotta do it' moment. And that happened to me a few days ago.  I just felt impelled to call a friend.  I wouldn't call her a best friend. I don't do anything social with her at all! As I was asking about how she was...she was the usual stoic voice.  All is fine.  All is well.  I just wanted to know she was okay.  I know there was a lot going on, in all aspects of her life. The subject came up...what makes each of us happy?  Neither of us could answer at that time.  It demands a lot of thought...what makes me happy. I recalled when our family was racing two boats in a regatta on Monterey Bay.  The kids had one, The Right Schu (a borrowed boat), and Carl and I had the other, The Left Schu.  Carl was left-handed.  We used electrical tape to slap the names on the sterns of the boats.   At the end of that day, I was ask