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Vanity Fair, The Bachelor, Facebook

1.  Vanity Fair My daughter hustles to get Vanity Fair when she comes to the US on a visit.  So when I was waiting for a plane flying to Oakland from San Diego, I popped for the most recent issue a few weeks ago and read it on the plane.  I figured I'd take advantage of it because it didn't come cheap!  She says there are very good articles in it. The ads in Vanity Fair!  I have looked closely at the models and it seems they are barely in their early teens. They appear to limit their caloric intake to 2 calories per day, and drink lots of coffee and water. Who buys this stuff?  I bet the those Housewives of Dallas, or LA, or NYC, or Miami, or wherever-city USA, indulge themselves. And speaking of the Housewives...I don't watch them. I breeze by them when I'm channel surfing.  It's about their faces!  I guess once you have a little lift it will make the next couple dozen easier.  My sense of who those ladies think they are must be completely lost when they lo