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Once a quarter we meet...

We met about 4 years ago.  He's very different than the other two.  One was so cheap.  The other had too many tricks up his sleeve.  That guy scared me for a lot of years. I ride my bike to meet him.  His office is close by.  Parking a car is a hassle. I can park my my bike just outside his door. We talk about our families.  He's got three girls, and the youngest just started college.  Mine are older...been there, done that.  But it's fun to hear about them.  He is very proud of his family of ladies.  Pictures of them fill my mind...I'm probably way off on how they look. We talk about the dog he got for his wife.  Well, it really was for him.  He walks him.  He cleans up after him.  But it really was for the wife.  He says.  I think not. I told him about my work change and what that meant to me.  Went in to full detail about it.  Talked about what I've learned about myself by doing that.  It's all good and getting better. I tell him I've removed my