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Good news and bad news = translated.

You can't see the leaks.  Translated =  they are under the hood, not on the ground.  Gosh, when I flew planes you could see the oil everywhere!  The cowling, the ground, the wings, even the windshield. If you didn't see any oil might mean there was nothing inside. The timing chain was wearing out.  Translated = that chain is the glue that holds everything together under the hood. The tires weren't wearing evenly. Translated = it needed new shocks. The major service needed to be done.  Translated = more $. The glove box was breaking again.  Translated =  they saved it by fiber-glassing it.  About $500 that I didn't have to spend. And on and on and on. My Audi A4 has 83K miles on it.  Audi Eddie and his crew specialize in working on Audi's. The bad news is that the Cadeau (personalized plate) is over 10 years old.  I'm easy on the car, and it's easy on my eyes.  "I like it!" I say, the way Mikey enthused about Life cereal ,