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How's it working out for me?

I am just fine.  What colleagues want to know is is it working out for you?  Is it scary to make such a change after 25 + years at the same company?  Uh, no. My late husband and I agreed...if we wanted to do anything, we needed to do it ourselves and not play by other's rules.  And for the most part, we did, and I continue to do so.  And so do my adult kids. I've talked to three different people this week about changes they also made- some recently and others a few years ago. John told me he was feeling the squeeze between what his boss wanted him to bill for his services versus actually what he wanted to do for service, knowing that the customer would come back for more great service.  He was not a happy camper.  But in order to be a responsible adult  (a wife and two kids) while he was looking for another job...he kept is yacht rigging gig going...on his own.  And it turned out he loved being the boss of himself!  And he has very happy customers. Toni told me t