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Down loading, upgrading...take me back!

More upgrades to my computer, my apps (and I don't mean the stomach kind), my cell phone, my devices like my I can talk on my phone but don't get caught holding my phone. Like an idiot, I bought (well, it was free) into something called Magic Plan.  This Magic Plan app lets me make floor plans on my cell phone.  Yes!  I heard the guy from the company, in person, talk at a meeting all day for all apps for all people in real estate. No, it did-ent. He showed a video of how it worked. I did it in real time.  What was a square came out like a four or five sided parabola (I'll provide the definition/link on Wikipedia! ). All I had to do is to take a picture of a corner, then the next, then the next...and it would be done!  No, it did-ent. So I emailed my appraiser with a "help!" message and he could get to it in a couple of days.  It would take me that long to re-align walls that should have been straight! My friend on NPR, Kai Rys