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She's not talkin' to me!

What have I done that could make her so speechless? Maybe I got her mad. Did I ignore her?  Ms. Maps has an attitude these days.  She's on and off,. but mostly off. Audi Eddie assured me that I would love Google Maps.  It's free (yay!) and easy (uh, no).  With the new gadget that Eddie gave me he assured me that I could hear all the noise I need or would want to hear through the speakers in my car as long as it's set on CDC (whatever that is). . I am sure that my mouth hung wide open as Eddie showed me things about my iPhone that I couldn't even imagine.  I am easily stunned and mostly clueless.  First, he said, I need to stop my apps from taking up space.  No!  I need the apps!  No - you are not dumping them.  You're just not allowing them to be draining the phone brain. He assured me that Google Maps would get me most any where I wanted to go - except for mountains and valleys and dead zones  Nonetheless, I felt brave. This past week E&E (son Evan and