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Forget about it.

I heard a speaker yesterday at a small meeting.  He's a life coach and a kid coach and a biz coach.  And he was good!  Really good. He challenged us.  Do not complain for 30 days.  Gosh, I'm not sure I can go 30 minutes! I've made it through the first day.  And most everything came out fine. I couldn't find my Realtor lockbox key fob.  That's the thingy that hangs off my key chain and allows me to access a property when I plug it into my cell phone, in accord with the written instructions given by the agent. And, behold, the night before, an agent called to say he thought he might have locked the keys inside the house.  No keys, no keybox fob.  Hmmm.  But it was really good to hear from him about the situation. The idea came to call one of my colleagues to ask if she would head over to the house this morning, open up the lockbox with her fob, and put some spare keys in, since I couldn't do it myself. I didn't really yell at the agent.  Score 1.  I