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To like or not to like...that is the question.

Do you like me?   Yes, I like you. Who are you? I'm just a thumb. But you are a thumbs up, thumb.  You  make people happy! And that makes me happy, too!  Maybe you are a hitchhiking thumb, heading east. Where do you want to go?  Maybe to New York, on Broadway!  I'm sure I'll be liked/loved there!    Oooh!  Maybe you DON'T like me...this is strange because usually you are only a thumbs up thumb, not a thumbs down thumb.   It depends on my mood and what you say!  I get frustrated because when you are mad, I want to be mad.   If you don't like something, it!  I should follow your mood! Now I think you are a thumb heading west.   That could be.  I go where my thumb says to go.  I follow my thumb. I, for one, like the symbol of a thumbs up.  It says it all, and says it simply.   Yes, I think so.  Now I'm going to stick my thumb in my ear.  Let's see if Facebook likes that! Live richly, marilyn