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Enlarge the circle...Thanksgiving.

I wonder when the change takes place.  Not 'the change.'  That's been over for a long time.  I'm thinking about the holidays.  The holidays stay the same.  Players don't change. But the priorities the players have, do change. Some friends and I were talking today and we reminisced about traditional Thanksgivings.  This is the day that loves everybody and everybody loves.  It is the best day of the year, in my book.  Nobody is grabbing for gifts. Very few people are whining.  A church service can be very special that day.  And Thanksgiving takes many forms for many people. I wrote about my Thanksgiving Day after I was married for one year.  I did everything for a huge family dinner ( Nov 22 2011 ) in a very small apartment.  And I never did it again.  But I still loved Thanksgiving.  It just needed to take a different form. Today, we told brief stories:  the time a dear friend prepped her first turkey and placed the pop-up plug (the 'automatic' timer th