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I need a tissue!

It's the end of Thanksgiving Day.  We are stuffed tonight. At church I cried, feeling so overly thankful for all that I have. Carl and I used to say when a holiday was was 'over'.  Nothing lingering.  No more thought given to it.  Just over. Christmas can be like that.  All for the moment, and nothing beyond. I would like to feel the same way I did in church today, Giving Thanks for all that I have, and feeling it so much I wept. Gosh, I wish I had brought some tissues.  Once I sat down in that sanctuary, with more families, strangers, and friends than we'd seen since the last Thanksgiving service, and I knew real gratitude was going be be expressed, that I had to find a tissue. I got up during an opportune time during the service (if there is one) to find some Kleenex.  Nothing in the restrooms.  No extra boxes in the janitor's closet.  Heck, I'm just grabbing a paper towel and going back in for the count. I'm thankful for my family, fo