What's in your keyboard?

Nothing is in my wallet, Samuel Jackson. But something is in my keyboard! .
I thought something was wrong.  My cursor wasn't working. OMG I have to get something fixed.  I asked my son about it.  He said to turn the computer off and then on.  Okay.  So I did.

Then in the middle of the night...I realized what was wrong.  There are batteries in the keyboard.  And yes, they have lasted a good long time.  I bet those were the culprits.  Sure enough, problem solved once I got three new AAA batteries.

But really...when I look for answers to computer stuff, I do the dumbest things.  In this instance, I shook the keyboard upside down.  A lot, and at various times.  I didn't even notice the battery compartment on the underside.

Let's see what came out.  Lots of sand or sand-like stuff. No, I don't take my devices to the beach, anywhere: Not Alameda, Maui, or Newport. I must drag the sand and salt inside, from the beach.  .

Looks like a lot of crumbs are coming out.  Gads, what do I eat at my desk that drops into my keyboard?  I seem to have bits of bites in my keyboard.  Could be popcorn.  Could be cookie crumbs.  I wonder if there's a dead sandwich in there somewhere?

Dust  falls out, too.  Desk things fall out.  Staples.  Paper clips.  Small scraps of paper.

I decide to press my luck.  I get some tweezers and see what I can extract.  Not much.  I love picking at things.  Some of the stuff is really wedged in there.  I think I'll let it be. One small move with the tweezers and it could be death for the keyboard.

I will rely more on my blue-haired-desk-scraper-lady these days to get her head full of my stuff.  That's one thing that hasn't fallen into my keyboard...her plastic hairs.

I'm a frickin' computer genius.  At least in my own mind.

Live richly, marilyn


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