What would you do if....

...you had more money than you need?

...you had just enough money for your needs?

...you had no money?

...you had to make a fool of yourself?

...you had no food?

...you had nowhere to stay?

...you knew you were dying?

...you knew you were completely healed (of anything)?

...you could travel anywhere in the world?

...you could not talk? move? communicate?

...you could leave your home and not come back?

...you knew a loved one was suffering?

...you had a ginormous party (what would it be like?)

...you were to spend a week by yourself - still in the world, but by yourself?

...you could speak a foreign language (or better, several?)

...you were in a monastery and could not speak?

...you ran into somebody famous?

...you knew what perfect freedom is?

The above was triggered by a question asked of an audience.

"What would you do if you were not afraid?"

This week a group of us attended the Oakland Speaker Series.  We heard Platon. No, I had no idea who he was but I knew he was a photographer.  That's about it.

He is youngish.  He is British.  He takes photos and he focused on his portraits.  But the stories were even more amazing.  He was gentle.  He was real.  He wanted to know about the people he was shooting.  He was in awful situations.  He was surprised by many of  his subjects.

At the end of Platon's presentation he asked us....

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

That is the question.  I've not been able to shake the question.   IF I weren't afraid, I believe I could do anything.  It's not the 'thing' or the 'situation.'    It's the fear of being afraid.  FEAR...false evidence appearing real.

When I look deep, really deep I can see the fear disappear.  I wish I could stick with it and do it more consistently.  Because...there is nothing to fear...except fear itself.  Nothing.

What would YOU do, if you weren't afraid?

Live richly, marilyn


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