Multi-purpose cleaners are multiplying...

I was just about to go to bed...when I found myself cleaning out the kitchen midnight.  What is with me?  Do I not know it's time for bed, or spa time, before bed?

When the call comes...from a neighbor (or the kitchen cabinets), it must be answered.  And answer I did.  From under the kitchen sink I pulled out 6 multi-purpose cleaners, many of them nearly full, various old sponges (gross), and I believe the next items were once plastic gloves (double gross).

Not being one to toss perfectly good cleaners, I simply moved them to another cabinet downstairs in the laundry room.  Then I looked into that cabinet and saw even more of them!  I figured I had about 15 bottles down there.  Did Simple Green merge with Orange Clean and the outcome was KaBoom? Were the multi-purpose cleaners multiplying behind closed doors?

I turned around.  I saw them in the corner, by the stationary tub.  I had ignored my growing plunger collection for years. Marilyn, how many plungers do you need?  Suddenly I saw them for what they were...sticks with weird heads on them.  What exactly do each of these do?  Why are they shaped that way? Are there drains in here that require special plungers?

Suddenly, I had the urge to create cartoons...a plunger each having it's own personality, it's own voice, that would match its weird-shaped head.

How did I get so many cleaners and plungers?  Then I got it.  As a result of being a real estate broker, often I am responsible for clearing out cleaning materials and tools, left behind for the benefit of the new buyer(s)...who do not want other people's all, regardless of how well-intentioned the previous owners are/were.

My job is to get them out of the house.  So they end up in my Audi, then in my driveway, then onto my back porch stairs, then eventually under my sink or in the laundry room.

There is good news, though.  All I need to do is close the cabinet doors, or the laundry room door..and if I don't see them, then they don't exist.  Unless I get the urge at midnight to open the doors under my sink again.  OR, I may just create those cartoons - Plunge-Bob instead of Sponge-Bob.

Live richly...keep it clean.  marilyn


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