I had been at Safeway.  Well, it may have happened (it did) before I went into Safeway (not during).  I couldn't get my bike lined up to get my bike lock right, so I think (know) I just kind of moved the bike (stuffed it) into a spot that triggered the unwanted (unintended) hassle (consequences).

I started tracing where the bike brake line went (tugged on it), pressed the brake handle (no difference) and started looking critically (what have I done?) at the situation.

After about five minutes (of getting out of peoples' way), I figured out what wire looked different from its counterpart on the other side (left vs right).  I discovered (not me, it was the grace of God) that one brake wire was quite different than the other (as in sticking out 90 degrees).  Ah ha!  All I needed to do was to gently get (force) it into the proper place (I prayed), and then slide it into the notch it came out of (force it again).  Yes, it worked just fine (relief).

Which brings me back around to the blog post title.

I was able to LOL (laugh out loud) at myself;  this LOL (little old lady - don't feel little or old), and felt LOL (lots of love) surrounding me as I rode my bike home.

Now that's living richly.  marilyn


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