These are some of my favorite no particular order.

A the New Year's Day Rose Parade.  The creativity makes my mind....well I guess it just kinda blows my mind.

Another parade...the longest in the US, I'm told.  Alameda Island's 4th of July Parade.  This was Carl's fave because it was so... home-town!  Several times he missed it because he was racing yachts to Hawaii....same time but in a very different space.  I believe I'll be playing back-up with others, behind the main man, who plays a mean hand-pounding big time beast!  Can he ever get tone out of his various drums!

Bed Bath and Beyond - the other day I took a shower curtain hanger, just one, back to the local store, because it just wouldn't connect properly when I hung the whole curtain up.  I had tried different locations all along the shower would just fall off.  And I also just about fell over, when the manager was willing to exchange it for another hanger.  You rock, BB&B!  Oh and I didn't have my receipt and had it at least six months.

Amazon's delivery service.  Straight from them or their vendors and right to my door.  I have not had a bad experience with the mega shopping entity (I'm not sure what to call catalogs, no paper, just service.)

The lady who brought me dinner to my room, tonight.  It was late, and she was super nice.  I must say that the Starwood group usually has excellent all levels.  And the dinner was sooooo delicious.  If I wanted to I could cook it...but I don't.  Roasted chicken over a mash of potatoes, roasted squash and roasted leeks in a very light gravy.  And the salad could have been right out of my garden!  When I said something about my computer giving me some trouble, she was empathetic...and maybe she knew clearly was the server!  The people contracted to work with idiots like me, off-site, pretty much wrote me off.

Skype...Tuesday I had a wonderful two hour show and talk with Sutter and Sean.  It was so awesome to hear about their progress building their house (mostly Sean is doing it, and probably has touched everything going in and around it at least twice or twelve dozen times).  He consistently amazes me.  And Sutter is working so hard to get a great grade for her Project Manager designation/certification...heading right to the top! To me, this is the job/career of the future...and it's now!  I am in awe of both of them.

Skype....because I imagine that I'll use it to talk to our grandson....maybe even read to him.  He needs to show up...shortly!

Evan and Erin....amazing people by themselves, but continue to be so well-balanced with their activities, their work, the wonderful group of friends (maybe 10 couples have babies among them). Ev is taking two weeks at home once that babe shows up.  Carl was that kind of dad, but the next gen has come so much further.

My Mastercard...they are totally priceless.  Really.  And instead of charging interest, like Mastercard, they simply show real interest in all people.  And they have great senses of humor...well, I like their style, because it's kind of weird/sicko.

My religious beliefs.  They comfort me, boost me, calm me down, raise me up. And without it, I'm not sure what I'd do or where I'd be.  I'm just so grateful to live in this time, witness the challenges, see the victories, and try to be equal to what it demands of me, as well as the world.

Not a bad list, eh?

Live richly, marilyn


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