Was it something I said?

This week was a bit strange.  I looked outside, and people on either side of our house were moving! Suddenly I thought....'was it something I said?'

I knew my wonderful neighbors to my left were moving this week.  I had watched them struggle to buy a house here, but then family ties and obligations ended up pulling them towards the midwest where their relatives live.

I've come to love Joi and Mike and their daughter, Emma.  They are the best people and parents.  I've literally watched Emma grow from a small child into a lovely, considerate kid!

They been wonderful watching the house when I'm gone: picking up mail, and newspapers.  Since Mike worked at home, he had become my personal alarm.

And Joi was so excited to grow her own rosebush!   I was so disappointed when she told me that she couldn't take it across state lines.  This was her first rose baby and it had grown so much in that pot! She offered me the rose, but I felt so sad, because she had turned it into a blooming party of buds in that container.  But... I did take it and will continue to enjoy it.  It has a home in the backyard.  Thanks to Mike for moving it!

But the other side of the house was a different story. Again I thought, 'was it something I said?'  No, because I never really had a chance to say anything to the 'new' folks.  Since that building sold, they've had a 75% turnover.  Always coming and going, those folks are.  And I'm not part or party to those lives.  Over the years I've only been able to get two of those residents to join our Neighborhood Watch.

Sure, we can and do find new neighbors.  In fact a wonderful gal will be moving in just a few doors up on the other side of the street!  But the ones she is replacing...just cannot be replaced.  I sold their house for them. And what great assets they have been.  I'm quite sad...but glad for them, as well.  They are also moving to the mid-west.  Family calls. And they have answered.

Part of my job as a real estate broker, is getting used to folks moving on or moving in.  I've come to see the obvious.  People come and go.  But something special leaves when the folks you know head off to new adventures, to well-established families, to crazy weather that is foreign to us in north CA.

Over all, I've sold several houses in the four blocks around here.  But everyone has a story, and they need to decide what is best for them.

So I've decided to write very small guide for the next neighbors who will welcome our 'old' neighbors to their 'hood. And this will also work for us, greeting our new neighbors here.

1.  Say hello and greet them warmly.
2.  Taking up the midwest tradition, bring them some food (our former neighbors went crazy on food when my husband passed on). Maybe not so heavy like steak and potatoes.  Maybe just lettuce from the garden or fruit from the trees.  It breaks the ice, makes us laugh, helps us get over the distance-tears.
3.  If the new neighbors have pets, let the pet(s) get used to you.  They are on new ground too!
4.  And as we do here, come set a spell on the front porch, and watch the world go by.  That's what porches need - more butts on them.

Live richly! marilyn


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