I bought myself a present this week...

...and I'm going to take it back.  I do not like shopping...for anything.

I go to Costco.  Once I'm there I go direct to the spots where my items are located.  It seems silly that one person buying food for one person would go to Costco.  But I do.

I get the paper towels, but not the toilet paper. (Somebody told me recently the most purchased item is their t.p.)

I buy the roasted chicken, but not the fish, except for the cooked cilantro shrimp in the meat section.  I buy the shampoo but not the conditioner.  I buy the frozen chicken but not the eggs. (frozen stay frozen, eggs do not).

When I go to Maui, I buy my annual Tommy Bahama beach chair...then give it to tourists who may have a few days of vaca left, once I've made it through my last day.

I buy the loaves of bakery bread, and freeze what I don't use.  I buy some of the cheese, but only what I can use..otherwise it will spoil.

I buy their fresh peaches...they are delicious in the beginning of the season!  And I saw them today....and I did bite (not the peach, but I did succumb to the urge to buy them).  And all I could think was how great they looked and how wonderful they would be when I got them home...

...and they were not.  Yes, they looked really good.  But they are dry and mealy and... Marilyn, you should know better.  Yes I do.

I did get a call on my answering machine from a machine at Costco a few weeks ago, warning that I had purchased peaches earlier, and I guess it was their attempt to protect themselves because some type of spray was used and I may have gotten that with my peaches.

My experience was....the peaches were great!  No harm, no foul.  But tomorrow I'm going to take the peaches back.  I'm not sure what Costco will do or what I'll do...but I just tried another, and yucko gucko.

But I am enjoying the other present I bought for myself this week.  I've wanted a Henry Miller Aeron chair for a few years.  No, Costco doesn't carry Aeron chairs, just some aerosol sprays.  I found a couple of stores in Berkeley and Walnut Creek that sell Aeron chairs used, once they've been reconditioned.

And that's what I've got my butt in right now.  Who knew how good a great chair could be!  It certainly beats eating crummy peaches.

Live richly, marilyn


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