INTERMINABLE...who does the internet marketing? AARGH

I have my email account divvied up into categories.  One of them is promotions, so I don't have to mess with them midst emails that are really important or even mildly amusing.

This is what I think of the machines and/or people who write this stuff, junk, whatever.

How stupid do they think I am?  I think they think I am really stupid!  Despite my eliminating them by placing them into my  'spam' bucket,  somehow they just keep showing up.

From Briggs and Riley (this is an excellent travel case company...about the best for no-hassle warranties, and quality of workmanship)  Summer savings, just for YOU!  Really? Just for me?  How did I get so lucky?

From Hulu Plus  Marilyn, give us another chance!  We'll give you two weeks free!  You're our person!  Really?  I'm your person?  I tried you for one night and it was a nightmare just getting to find some programs.  Why don't you make your system better and let me hear about it from the grapevine instead of from your people/machines.

From Lee Jeans (the company I ordered some new jeans from) You'll look great in this jean.  All new curvy fit jeans!  I wish I wasn't so 'curvy'.  That's the overlying word for 'fat'.  Give me a frickin' break.

From Marriott Rewards  Score incredible Flash Perks in 24 hours (and the clock is counting down as I type...9 hrs 54 min 12 seconds.)  What are flash perks?  Is it something that bites you in the butt when you are in one of their rental beds?  And why do I want to score them?

From Starbucks Rewards  Explore new stores, earn more Stars!  I don't even drink coffee, but I do get iced tea from them and I love their lemon pound cake (if they have it). That being said...the last time I went into a store was probably 3 months ago...except they are everywhere: in Safeway, on every corner, and I think they've even entered into the dry cleaning market (buy some coffee, spill it on site, and just take your shirt off and get it cleaned).

Here's my take on a vaca! I can take a tour of all Starbucks all the time, moving from my home in Alameda to San Francisco.  Just in this town I think there are 7 stores, including the Safeways. It should take me about 5 days and it will only be about 40 miles to travel to every SB between Alameda and the San Fran area..  Should I walk?  Should I drive?  Should I ride my bike?  Take BART or the ferry?  So many choices!  Please give me some coffee while I ponder over my options.

From The Happiness Project  I liked this blog for awhile, but does every body have to be this happy? Keep writing, Gretchen Rubin.  I just don't want to read about it.

From Max Perks  Get $30 dollars off (of your purchase of $200), or get a free tote set with a $150 purchase by Aug 2!  Wow!  The only thing it costs for these discounts, freebies is...uh, $350.  Uh, no.

From RIS Media (the Leader in Real Estate)  Tips for Hosting a Creative Open House.  Why do they always want to involve food at an open house?  A local guy had a barbeque at his listing on Father's Day... for anybody..whether they wanted to buy or not!  A barbeque sells open houses?  I think not!  How about a price appropriate to the property....that will work out best.  And really, food at an open house?  I thought the effort was to clean it up before the open house, rather than mess it up during it.

Well, thanks for reading.  Now I'm about to click the spam button on most of these companies, before I head to bed.  But I bet I'll see them tomorrow!

Live richly, marilyn


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