911 is a call for help...and more.

Carl told me I slept through the radio once it went off.  I did get up.  But I still didn't know what had happened.  I guess I'm rather selective about what I listen too.

Then he told me what had happened at the World Trade Center.  Passenger planes had been taken over by foreigners and crashed into the huge buildings, had been hijacked over mid America and crashed.

Our daughter was out of college and our son was in college.   (I'm sure my kids will correct me on this....I lose track of time for all things family - I simply love them for who they are.)

Just a few years before our family had gone to the WTC, on a larger trip to the east coast including Washington DC (the Smithsonian and capitol), taking trains into New York and watching the amazing view from above, looking out, and down.  We were visiting with friends, Helen and Ralph, in Connecticut.

Explain to me Carl, what had happened there?  I still could not comprehend it.  After crying, we decided to each go to work...and think things out.

It was a Tuesday.  I normally go out on the broker tour.  I do remember driving that day...often I take my bike out on the tour.  Some properties were open for the agents.  Others...not so much.

And I listened.  There was no sound.  There were absolutely no airplanes flying.  Anywhere.  The San Francisco skies were not united, not American, not virgin, and not southwestern.  They were empty. And the silence was both deafening and golden.

The world was empty.  Nothing.

These days I try to place myself back before I was born...when WWII started...when WWII ended. All I've seen is in the newsreels and movies.  I can try...but I cannot do it.

In a few short months after 9-11 Carl would die. There didn't seem to be any reason for any of it.

Yet here we are...talking today about what America will do about ISIS.  It's evil and needs to be dealt with.

Yet here we are...when will we figure it out?   Dear God, show us the way back home.

Live! Live richly, marilyn


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