I have man hands.

I have a friend, name Joe.  We are both real estate brokers.  When I was finished having coffee with a potential client and I was getting ready to hop on my bike...I saw him in his office doing 'floor time.' That's when you answer questions that folks typically ask about real estate.   So we were sitting around jawin' at his office.  No calls or people came in.

I think I was responding to a text and I complained about having 'man hands.'  I don't do texts very well.  I think you have to have small hands and be very quick.  That lead us into a story about his daughter, Gaby, that took place in July 2007.

As is a typical teenage girl, this one has flying fingers.  The phone plan that Joe and Laura (his wife) had at that time offered unlimited texts for everybody in the family for $30.  "Well, that works for me", said Joe.  At the same time, he went ahead and canceled the paper bill, shifting to online instead.

Since the bill didn't vary too much, all was fine.  Then Laura wondered, about two months into the plan,  what happened to the bill?  So she decided that she wanted the paper bill.

So for $1.99 she could get that paper bill.  It cost the phone company $4.95 to ship the box to her. Not a win/win for the phone company.  The bill for that month was 698 pages...full pages, for 30,000 text messages.  One month.  For the most part...it was all done by Gaby.

That was 1000 text messages each day of the month, on average.  Most likely they were quick, with lots of 'u's and 'r's and '2b's.  Joe was astounded.  I was overwhelmed.  Laura said no more paper bills.

Any of us can do the simple math...and assuming Gabi slept 5 hours per night that would be about 52 texts per hour for one month.

What Joe noticed that Gabi's grades never suffered. But when she did start to drive, she cut her texts back by 14,000.    That's good.

It is my understanding that we should not text and drive at the same time.  Gabi must be a very smart person.

Live richly, and don't wait around for my texts.  marilyn


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