I love these companies because they love me...

Dyson...Bed Bath Beyond...Hidden Connections....Jay Caldwell....Eddie Audi....Ethan the Plumber

"You only cry once."....This was a dear friend's thought process, and adopted by Carl.  This is why they chose to buy quality.

When I think back to when I've cried over and over and over again because I've purchase junk...I could just...cry.

Some examples of businesses that treat the customer right::
Dyson  When I first got my vacuum cleaner (could have been 2-3 years ago), I decided to clean it out within two months of my purchase.  Then I went online and I found a guy who shot a u-tube video who had never cleaned his Dyson vacuum for the 7 years he owned it!  I followed his lead, cleaned the thing, and have only emptied out the crud that the sucker sucked up.  I didn't even think to clean it again.  But just recently I cleaned it again. It worked just fine before and after.  But when I started it up again last week, it had a very loud pitched squeal and I couldn't fix it.  I called Dyson (a human being always answers promptly). I ran it for them and they said stop using it.  They told me where I could take it nearby.  I called the Dyson shop which was about 20 minutes away and drove the vacuum there last Friday, just before closing time.  The gentleman replaced the fan/filter-thingy and sent me on my way.  No charge.

Bed Bath & Beyond  I brought in one hanger for a shower curtain, no receipt for it, and it was probably about six months old.  This hanger was not staying connected around the shower curtain rod.  I watched for several months.  I decided to bite the bullet. The manager said they carried it. He opened up a new box, pulled out one and sent me on my way.  No charge.

Hidden Connections Si (the owner), and Kevin are my main men.  They set up my sound and TV systems throughout the house.  This electronic stuff just keeps evolving.  What is beyond-state-of-the art today, can be not-so-good very quickly.  After listening through the crackly voices on the radio, I called them.  Kevin came out and now I have Sonos.  It's wireless and amazing!  Just the other day, I couldn't get sound on a certain TV channel.  He told me in one step what to do...and voila, sound.  Not always a 'no charge' situation, but it works for me.

Jay Caldwell  He takes the photos for the properties I have listed.  I call him, he returns my call, and gets the online shots to me in 24  hours.  And he's so nice!

Eddie Audi  This is where I want to cry the most...but I'm convinced I've purchase quality.  I really like my car.  But when things go wrong...they really cost $$.  Matt and Andrew, Eddie's front office guys, calm me down.  It is a nice ride...especially when I'm taking a road trip.  And when I tell folks my car is about to celebrate its 12th b-day....they can't believe it, and I feel fine.

Ethan the Plumber  I have never seen anyone as capable of playing in s...t, and still talking on the phone, which, I think, has been surgically attached to his year.  Multi-tasking is his middle name. And when I had a big leak coming from the bathroom upstairs, down into my living room through the box-beamed ceilings, just before I went on vacation, I could have cried.  But no!  He was in my driveway while I was still talking to him, with Scott his helper, and Miho, his mini (and perfectly behaved) adopted dog. They fixed the leak and proceeded to the next call.

I wish I could provide the customer service in my real estate biz, the way these people do for me.  I aspire to reach their innate excellence.  I need to remind myself often about who I'm serving, and that what I do can make a big difference in my clients lives.  And I'm so lucky to be in this position.  It's all about serving the people.

Live richly, marilyn


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