Lost my phone...

...in the public toilets along Huntington Beach.

I rode my bike from Balboa Island up to the Huntington Beach pier.  I was almost there and I saw the gentleman cleaning out the restrooms about 4:30pm.  These stalls are placed in permanent rows up and down the beach waiting for people in long lines to use them.  But on late Monday, early in the fall, to find them empty and clean is a wonder to behold.  So hedging my bets...I asked if I could step in.  He said "Si."

I remember two or three years ago, that I had plopped my phone  (which was safely nestled in my jacket pocket) into a toilet at work.  How embarrassing.  I cried.  That event made me a bit cautious regarding this venue. I placed the phone on top of the metal toilet paper roll holder.

After a quick trip inside...I got on my bike and proceeded up the path.  After sitting for about 30 minutes at the pier, watching volleyball teams warm up in front of me and a bongo player beating pretty good drums behind me, I thought I'd see what time it was.

Oh no!  No phone!  I knew exactly where it was...and I whipped the bike into high speed but I wasn't sure which set of restrooms it was in.  I narrowed it down to three buildings...nothing.

I imagine some readers know the panic that one feels.  This is the only communication I have...everything is on it...how do I lock it?...what if someone steals each item in it...run up charges on my cards...gets every password for everything in the world...tosses it...where is the closest Apple store..how do I reach my clients who are supposed to contact me after seeing properties this evening....I can Skype them...but what if they don't Skype...and on and on and on. This pattern never has a good end.

As I worked my way back up the beach, I went to the bicycle vendor and he gave me the name of the company that was hired by the city to clean the heads.  It was now past 5:30p...so I went to the next helpful people...they perform rescues all the time...the lifeguards.  One guy was pulling in and getting ready to close down.  I explained why I needed a lifesaver.  He said they had 'lost and found' pile inside and each item is tagged when it's received.  I said this happened in the last hour.  He went in and looked for what seemed an hour..but it was only 10 long minutes.  No luck.  I asked him if he could call my number...and it went straight to my voice mail.

All this time I was working frantically to calm my thoughts.  Dear God...show me how to act, what to do, how I need to be...and how to think the thoughts that I need to embrace.  I started working with the honesty of people.  That's a God-given quality.  People want to do the right thing.  I just needed to listen so my wild thoughts would stop..and let the good thoughts come on in, and reign.

This 'item' was actually an idea.  Ideas can't be lost.  They are everywhere.  It's a bit simple to say 'change your thoughts and you change your life/experience.'  But it's a good place to start.  I began to calm down.  I never did cry. In fact, while I wasn't calm, I sounded calm.  Once I threw out the junky thoughts, abundant and good thoughts started to come on in!

As I was riding away, the lifeguard said the cleaning company man may still be out there...working further down the beach.  Really?  This late?  City employee?  Nah.  Yep...maybe.

Way far off in the distance toward the end of the beach, I could see the truck.  As I went around the building I couldn't see him...but somebody was there. We were playing hide and seek.

I speak very poor Spanish. I asked him if he remembered me..and he nodded.  I asked him if he found a cell phone in the stall.  Yes, he did.  He went to his truck and pulled it out.  It was turned off.

After exchanging pleasantries in our simplified ways...I found that this wasn't enough.  I happily gave him a big hug and some cash and told him to take his family out for a good meal.

Now this may not mean much to others, but this was a big lesson for me.  I've been working on what I think...how I think...and what my thoughts can do and where they come from.  But the gift for me , was turning wholeheartedly to God.  Now I like to think I do this more and more each day...but not always so much.  This day was a big victory for me and my thoughts.  And I must admit that I've been (and my husband became one too) a practicing Christian Scientist for all of my life.  Not Scientology. Christian Science.

Live richly...pay it forward.  marilyn


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