A new Comcast modem....

I can do this.  They say I can do it.  I opened the box and sighed.  Another device.  What was wrong with the one I've had for years? Nothing.  But here's a new modem from Comcast.

I've had this box sitting on my office floor for almost two months.  I thought about doing it.  I read the instructions.  And I said 'fagitaboutit."

Here's my thought process:

If I do this, how long will it take me?  Hours.  Maybe days.  Without the internet? That's a problem.

If I do this, will I be happy because of it?
~No, the victory would be only personalWho wants to listen to me telling a fascinating story about changing a modem? Nobody.

What else could I do in the meantime?
Most anything, including:
~making lemon bread in my new Kitchenaid standing mixer (those Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons and the other 2 $5 coupons really paid off)!  Plus I would share the results!   
~OR I could finish cleaning the house (am still working on that after the leak was sealed and the living room and entry was painted).   
~OR I could wash my car cover in the washer, which got pee-ed on by some critter on the back porch.
~OR I could work, which would make me some $$.  Then I could call.....

~Hidden Connections and ask for Kevin, my go-to guy who seems to be able to do all things electronic.  And since I've wanted to make my office much mo'bettah...I would ask him to tie up the cables, cords, wires, and find my change behind my desks in the office, move items around on the floor and out of the way.

And I did that, and he did all that, and it made me much happier than doing the modem thing myself.  Plus he stayed a bit longer to see that everything worked just as it was supposed to.  We found a couple of glitches and worked those out too.

I like it when I'm honest with myself.  Some of this self- honesty is tough to take.  But if I admit that a spade is a spade, then nobody will be expecting a diamond.

And that's the way it is.

Live richly, marilyn


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