Giving thanks...

I was weeping as I went to pick up my son, his wife, and their new(er) baby boy.

I was listening to some favorite church hymns in my car.  The kids came in two days before Thanksgiving. That was really smart.  They beat the traffic at the departing and arriving airports.  The babe was on his first airplane flight and the SWA flight attendants all signed a certificate with his name on it!  Very cool...and good for biz.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude...not just for this lovely time together, but for the world as I saw it. And I admit that I see things a bit wonky.  But in my book Thanksgiving is one of the most meaningful (read holiest) days of each year.

Black Friday, on the other hand, to me, is a disgusting day.  Shopping for anything on Pre-Black Friday except for forgotten Thanksgiving Day food items, is a sin in my book.  Sure I get that people like to get good deals...but can't the advertisers just kind of leave it alone for a few hours on Thanksgiving Thursday?

Can't workers be left alone to enjoy the day in any way they can?  Okay, I get that food servers and food store workers, and airline workers, and emergency workers need to be there for the masses (that's the job they have signed up for). But shoving the sales down our collective throats makes me gag.

But as I drove to SWA to pick up my kids and their kid, I was struck by how nice drivers were, how happy everybody looked (coming or going), how peaceful things were (and it was busy), and how right it was with my world.

I wish I could see the world more like I experienced this day, two days prior to Thanksgiving Day.  I know I can...and it will be one of my goals this coming see the world without the embellishments of others.

One of the definitions for embellishments is:
"make (a statement or story) more interesting or entertaining by adding extra details, especially ones that are not true."

Here's to a wonderful holiday season for all...and may we keep it through out the year: consciously, mindfully, and heartfelt-ly.

Live richly, marilyn


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