Rain...it's actually falling from the sky!

Rain...I've turned off the sprinkler system.

Rain...I even ride my bike in it (unintentionally).

Rain...it is so gentle...not blowing sideways.

Rain...I got a call from a neighbor tonight who wanted a roofer to check out her cottage. Gave her a name.

Rain...Maybe we appreciate it more...when we've gone so long without it.

Rain...don't waste it!

Rain...I hope any snow sticks in the mountains...it seems so warm next to the San Francisco Bay.

Rain...it's been so long that the drivers and cars don't know how to handle it.  Once again..we are weather wimps.

Rain...we complain about our weather.  I have a client in Washington DC.  She has a right to complain...yesterday they set a new low temperature of 20 degrees.  Broke that this morning.  Went down to 13 degrees.

Rain...it changes how we walk, run, talk.  It makes us act weird.

Rain...I took a golf lesson today in the golf shack ..but even with the rebuilt range..it still wasn't draining properly. Really?

Rain...Why do the guys (yes, I mean the guys) at the golf course insist on driving (their cars, not the clubs) through the mega-huge puddle that shows up each time wet stuff comes down.  There are other ways out of the pocked-marked parking lot.

Rain...I went into the backyard after riding my bike, and actually picked a mild pepper off the bush.

Rain...the gardeners came over this morning and raked up the leaves just a bit quicker than the leaves dropped off the trees.

Rain...It's the simple things (like rain) that suddenly become so important.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving...with or without the rain.

Live richly, marilyn


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