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A giant step backwards for Barbie.

"He's here!"  "We're here!"  "I feel so nervous!"  "That limo was fine!" I admit it.  I've watch one season of it.  Now I'm starting another.  What in me wants to waste my time on this stuff? Juan Pablo...The Bachelor.  Yep.  I watched the first episode while trying to figure out who will be in and who will be out. I wonder if we women secretly (or openly) still believe in fairy tales.  I mean these ladies obviously do believe them.  They are gorgeous.  The clothes they wear are amazing.  They have real jobs.  And they all want to fall in love with the same guy.  And he wants to marry one of them.  Right?  Um yeah, no - I don't think so. Even back in the day (as in high school) 27 women wouldn't dress up at the same time for one guy, parade around, and wait for an invitation from him to come for a little chat.  50 or more of us may have thought he was amazing. But most of us suffered our anxieties alone (well, may