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LG, GE, Kenmore, Electrolux, Maytag..they're all the same.

I'm not too pleased with the washer and dryer I bought a few years ago. I know I did get style points because the appliances are deep red.  But red alone does not get the wash done. And red shows every scratch that the jugs of soap leave on the top of them. After having the plumber unclog the washer drain line and after having the repair person pull a thin sock of mine out of the sump (the small door on the lower front where small items get stored for the repair person to find them), I thought I'm home free! Yeah, um no.  This time the all clothes were stuck inside the washer drum...with the door locked and keeping them wet...for two days!  I called the repair person.  No answer.  I looked in the manual to find out what OE meant on the message board.   OE was there but there was no instruction that dealt with why it was there or how to make it disappear. By trying the other solutions not meant for OE,  I finally got the door open.  I had to wring the clothes out and st