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Watch your words...

YESTERDAY'S WORLD... . Trojans .  One may think of prophylactics, maybe Greek history, maybe the USC mascot. Performance problems.  One may think of Cialis, but really - four hours?  That's a real problem. Viruses.   Who was I with last night? Junk .  Men have it.  May flaunt it. Privacy items .  Oh my! TODAY'S REALITY ... Trojans .   Not Greek history.... geek history. Performance problems.   Why is it going so slow? Viruses.   Geek strains!  My system could be infected along with millions of users. Junk.  Files and emails. Privacy items .   Big data. This morning each word above was noted as 'fine', as my 'protection' software made a search of my computer.  It  'checked' for malware.  What happened to Tupperware?  It's only a storage device in my refrigerator. I wonder what the next version of these words will be... Live richly...and watch your pees and cues.  marilyn