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Give me and the house a facelift.

We have very old homes here.  We're not as old as the houses, even though some days I think I need a new face, like I recently gave the old girl (the house).  In fact, I'd like a new foundation, too. But I think that may be a bit too personal to talk about here. Our house, is a very fine house, and the painters seemed to like working on her.  They came and roughed up the exterior skin, scraping the bad spots off, filling in the splits in the wood, spackling each board to make it smooth.  Gosh, I wonder if they took lessons from the young woman who works on my own mug! They didn't slap the new makeup on.  Being good men, they wanted her to really look nice. The painters had a light but firm touch.  I had them work a bit along the sides because those showed the effects of weather, although not as bad as the front. Yep, a lifetime of weather. This house has seen a lot of weather: droughts as well as downpours.  As we move on, I think each of us has had our weather pat