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No worry - it's only dry heat...

I spent this week in Scottsdale, AZ.  There were a LOT of people from Minnesota, Chicago, New York, New Hampshire. All of them were thawing out, like frozen fish.  Their hometown winters have not been kind to them this year. Arizona is the place to be this time of year.  It's closer than Hawaii, has golf for those who play, nice places to stay, and... SHOPPING!   The shopping here is an understatement.  Each mall out-does the other, with every type of store there is, and most of them are very high-end.    I am embarrassed at the malls.  I have no right to be there. Give me a catalog any d ay, and I may be able to find something that might fit..and if not...I ship it back in the privacy of my home. The malls sit on grid-like roads and are rigid, razor straight.  They barely contain the shops in their places.  Set your google maps on these streets and you'll be told to drive for 9 miles on North Scottsdale Road. After about three miles, I'm shaking my phone. "