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I wondered, could I live here?

This was under wire sheets, so animals won't eat the plants. This is desert and glass. Maybe I could live here.  I don't know any folks here.  They are almost always on the run.  I don't need to reveal anything about myself.  I have an internet connection and can plug my devices into a chair that has outlets and can access the rest of the world. It does get hot, though, and it will be getting hotter for another 6+ months.  But really, if I don't go outside, I'd never know how hot it was, except for looking at the people running, the sweat pouring down their necks, their armpits. Yes, that's right.  I was thinking about Tom Hank's character he played in The Terminal .  A foreigner trapped in JFK Airport in NYC. That's how I felt last Friday at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  I had arrived there to catch a plane home.  And the plane left without me.  REALLY?  How did that happen? I was there nearly three hours ahead of time, not at the ca