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I need a rent-a-husband.

I remember when I would get super frustrated and whine to Carl, bless his soul, 'Could you please help me, I can't figure out how to do this.' He would turn to me and say, 'Marilyn, I can stop what I'm doing right now, and help you.  Is that what you would like?'  Aw, shucks....that didn't seem fair to him.  And I'd struggle along... and often could figure the issue out. Carl's words obviously have stayed with me.  But now I just call  my son, Evan.  He gets on the computer, zaps into "Log Me In", and I just sit in my office and watch the magic show in front of me, on my screens. Sutter knows her stuff , too.  But she does more writing, and Ev is a programer. But in recent days and months, I just want to rent-a-husband.  Not for any type of dating or company.  I just would like somebody to do stuff for me.  How about climbing a ladder and replacing a light?  Yes, I did fix that lamp, in a stairway on a ladder. I could h