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Orchestra of the late-night house....

I had just settled down for a long, late-night spring sleep.  It was past midnight and I was in bed I and I did not want to get up. And then I heard it.  no, nO, NO!  I do not want to get up.  At all.  It was raining outside and I hoped it wasn't raining inside. After trying to ignore it...I started counting how long it took to make that dripping noise again.  I recalled, not fondly, many years ago, when this same sound was happening.  But it wasn't in the middle of the night. It was just before one of Carl's clients came for dinner.  We had a ceiling leak in one of the hallways, but it originated from the dining room, just as the man showed up at the front door.  I still have the brass door knocker that he brought as a gift for us. And there I was, the ungracious hostess, trying to stop something that I had no control over.  Making it worse, was that we had refinished the dining room ceiling twice before!  . Back to the present, after I counted 20 seconds betwe