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Certain items take me back.  They seem rather random. When I'm in the moment or many moments, the time and place becomes a view from above and place I was once at.  It's like I'm seeing everything from the third person.  I'm me, but I'm seeing it as one would watch a movie.  I'm completely enveloped in the thoughts that take me back. For instance: the refrigerator to the right.  This was on my iPhone. I know I took it recently.  It seems to me I was looking at properties.   It took me back.... ...back to a day, when Carl and I were first married, living in a Victorian house that had been converted to rather funky apartments.  It's about three blocks north and three blocks east of where I'm writing this now. I never thought where we lived was funky.  I was blissfully happy!  But it was so funky, that when my folks came up to visit, my dad said "If I knew what Carl was going to do to you, I wouldn't have let this happen."  Um, yeah,