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I love watching golf on TV.  It's so....civilized.  It's masterful, to an un-master like me, watching the masters play in The Masters golf tournament.  I play at golf.  I don't consider myself good enough to play golf. Back in the day, I drove with daughter, Sutter, during early summer, across the country.  She was in college, and had a job being a camp counselor. Carl was very much around then.  He was afraid we would kill each other, being in her car for such a long drive. Now I know she will correct me about this but we came up with a theme for our drive within hours of leaving.  And we made a cardboard sign to put in the car, hoping nice people would see it and tell us where we could find a driving range.  (Yes, this sign is still in my office..and it makes me smile.) Because we did have time restrictions, we decided we had to hit balls somewhere in each state.  Not play on a course...just hit balls.  We had no GPS, no smart phones, not even a dumb phone (a very