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Multi-purpose cleaners are multiplying...

I was just about to go to bed...when I found myself cleaning out the kitchen midnight.  What is with me?  Do I not know it's time for bed, or spa time, before bed? When the call comes...from a neighbor (or the kitchen cabinets), it must be answered.  And answer I did.  From under the kitchen sink I pulled out 6 multi-purpose cleaners, many of them nearly full, various old sponges (gross), and I believe the next items were once plastic gloves (double gross). Not being one to toss perfectly good cleaners, I simply moved them to another cabinet downstairs in the laundry room.  Then I looked into that cabinet and saw even more of them!  I figured I had about 15 bottles down there.  Did Simple Green merge with Orange Clean and the outcome was KaBoom? Were the multi-purpose cleaners multiplying behind closed doors? I turned around.  I saw them in the corner, by the stationary tub.  I had ignored my growing plunger collection for years. Marilyn, how many plungers do